Bring your Prop Firm to life.

Remove the complexity & reduce the risk of owning your own prop firm.  You bring the traders, and we’ll manage the rest.

Our Services

PropTradeTech provides a fully managed solution for your prop firm.  We equip you with our proprietary platforms to manage your traders & ensure your long term profitability

Tech Setup

Start your Prop Firm in a matter of weeks so you can get to market as soon as possible!

End to End Management

The secret to a successful white label prop firm is in the detail. Let us do it all for you.

Client Branded Portal

Create a self service portal for traders to view performance, track compliance and request withdrawals.

Risk Management

Using our extensive experience and comprehensive data sources we can ensure trader compliance with your Prop conditions.

Design & Marketing

Gain access to our in house team of design professionals. We can even create a bespoke identity for your Prop Firm.


Chat to our team of industry leading professionals to take your offerings to the next level!

A portal matched to your identity, underpinned by our technology.

Stand out from the pack with a modern trader interface built from the ground up around traders’ needs and on our custom logic. Customisable for white labels and fully functional interfaces.

Why PropTradeTech

We are the only Prop management firm to offer the technology, trader support and risk management in one affordable package. We can also help you create your white label prop firm from the ground up!

Ticket Summary

Customer Support

Dedicated in-house support 24/7 across all timezones & with multiple language support. Backed by AI powered Chatbots & experienced Level 2 & 3 agents.

Profit Target

+ $2,473.65

Low Latency Dashboard

Built from the ground up & specifically designed for the Prop industry, our solution is fast, responsive and informative.

Insight Statistics

15% increase in sales

from 10% price reduction

20% decrease in payouts

from advances IP matching

Prop Firm Insights

We use our thousands of data points to provide deep insights on Prop performance & allow you to ensure a maximum return with balanced risk.

Low Latency Dashboard

Custom Web Design

Marketing Specialists

User Insights

Customer Support 24/7


Quick to Launch

Capture the market opportunity in less time.

We use our thousands of data points to provide deep insights on Prop performance & allow you to ensure a maximum return with balanced risk.

  • Weeks not months
  • Leverage trading insights
  • Delight your clients
  • Pre built options available
  • Your domain or ours
  • Bring your brand to life

Real time analytics

Track your sales in real time

Dedicated Risk Team

Leverage our expertise to protect from bad actors

Impress Your Network

A Prop Firm they will be talking about

Ready to tap into the world of Prop Trading?

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