What is Prop Trading?
You may have heard of Prop Firms but are not sure what exactly they do. A Prop Firm is a company offering prop traders an opportunity to use their trading skills to generate shared profits. The Prop Firm provides traders capital that they can use to trade commodities, forex, stocks, or cryptocurrencies; this gives the trader the freedom to trade the products they have expertise in. In order to access the company’s capital the trader goes through an evaluation stage on a demo account; if the trader is successful during this stage they will have access to real funds to trade in a simulated live environment.
Why start a Prop Trading Business?
The Prop Firm industry has grown 20x times in the last two years, and now is the time to capture this market opportunity. The PTT approach allows you to lean in to the opportunity without the high level of setup costs, regulations of traditional trading, or needing to secure a broker relationship. Our Prop Firm owners have gone from discussion to 6 figure sales in weeks.
What does Prop Trade Tech do?
PTT creates and manages a white label program that allows traders to pay for evaluations, manage their trading, and be paid on their successes. for the Prop Firm owner, we manage the live trading, risk management, and customer service for your funded traders to ensure ongoing success of the business. You just bring the traders!
What are your fees?
Combine some of the lowest setup fees in the industry with a competitive revenue share arrangement, we maximise the money in your pocket. Fill out our contact firm to hear more from a member of our team.
How often do you do Traders pay-outs?
Once a client become a live funded trader, they must trade with us for at least 30 days for the first pay-out, and after that we can pay-out bi-weekly
Do you offer website design?
PropTradeTech is excited help you create your identity & website; our friendly team will work with you to create a design that suits your image. Please get in touch with our support team for detailed information.
What payment methods do you use?
Our payment stack consists of Credit cards, Crypto Transfers, and e-Wallet solutions. We constantly review & update this according to market and geographic needs.
What trading platforms do you support?
We currently operate using our partner broker Eightcap’s trading infrastructure.
Can we view your trading conditions?
We run our trade execution via our partner broker Eightcap. Feel free to take a look at their live spreads at https://www.myfxbook.com/en/forex-broker-spreads or sign up for a trading account at www.eightcap.com
How long does it take to set up a Prop firm with PropTradeTech?
We strive to get your Prop Firm to market in weeks, not months. We do this by implementing a standard set of assets required for the basics and focusing on customisation of the brand where needed.
How does PTT manage risk on funded traders?
Our risk management team is a critical and unique part of our offering to Prop Firm owners. We have developed a unique mix of automated and SME-managed tools for tackling trader risk and preventing fraud. These include data-driven exposure risk modelling, trader profiling automation, auto-flow routing, and more.
Do you offer multi-phase evaluation models?
Yes, PropTradeTech offers multi-phase evaluation models.
Can I choose the rules of my evaluation models?
PropTradeTech has deep insight into how to tune an evaluation model to manage trader profitability while still ensuring Prop Firm’s success. We also understand that every region demands its own type of product, and as such PropTradeTech works with you to ensure the right match of rules for your Prop Firm.

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